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Edd Edwards internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and facilitating healer has been a product of University level research for the last  25 years into he has learned how to manage and control his natural abilities to play with energy and use it to heal and now he teach others all after 25 years of formal clinical studies into how his brain operates differently than most other humans  with scientific statistical studies involving instrumentation designed to measure quantum energy, also known as SE (Subtle Energy) , Pycho-Kinesis , Bio-Photons, Bio-Energy.

Join now! Our private healing group to learn how to be aware of your healing. Allowing you to be notified of future healing events - focused on healing pain and sending healing energy to different body parts from the neck, shoulders, back, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet and whole body healing and energizing. 


From 1994 to 2008 he visited bi-annually the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, with Dr. W. C. Levengood and Dr. John Gedye, and was a subject of their first published papers in the ISSSEEM Journals (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine), published in 1997 called “Evidence for Charged Density Pulses Associated with Bio Electric Fields in Living Organisms” see links below for more information.

1997 to 2002 researched with Charlie Plyler of the E.L.F.R.A.D. (Extremely Low Frequency Research And Development) Group that jointly studied him in conjunction with Pinelandia Lab to give corresponding data during the non local events that he generated with his higher brain functions and send them worldwide with 43 different locations scattered around the planet collecting the data as he would pulse his energy out.


2008 to present With the Bio Energy Emissions Lab at the Rhine Research Center in Durham North Carolina, started with Dr. Steve Baumann, Dr Bill Joines of the Electrical and computer science engineering of Duke University and John Kruth now Director of the Rhine where they studied him glowing in the bio-photons lab,  effecting the random number generator in the lab and hundreds of miles away running the experiments through Skype and they been documenting all that he is able to do and publishing the reports.

The Rhine will continue to study Edd Edwards and other extraordinary participants to expand our knowledge of the energies produced by the human body. Current plans include an examination of the specific makeup of the energies that are being produced and where the energies are originating on the body. With the purchase of additional light sensing equipment, researchers will be able to generate specific information about the location of the energy and how this energy is moving within the healing environment.

In order to explore this phenomenon even further, the Rhine is currently examining the experience of energetic healing from the perspective of the healer and the person being healed. This 360 degree view of healing from the physical, environmental, and experiential perspective will provide insight into a phenomenon that has been a mystery for centuries.

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