Michael's Healing
Light Energy

Dear visitor of this page, the following

is an interview with Micheal who is

from Dusseldorf, Germany and

very familiar with the application of

natural health & energy healing.

1. What is this energy work that you

do? I function as a tool of an energy

that has its own intelligence by

facilitating like a conduit of sacred

quantum energy. Allowing me the

opportunity to connect with  this

distinct higher frequency of vibration

which then allows me to safely convert & trigger your own healing energy within your bio-field. Like a human jumper cable for a battery that is not working properly.

2. Where does this power come from? I believe it comes from source energy...the higher power of all....the high frequency that encompasses healing that comes through me when I am with someone that has a need for healing of divine origin.

3. How do you know it is working? I feel myself becoming a connecting link, like a gateway for the incoming energy to reach ther person who needs the healing. When this person confirms to me the symptoms are no longer felt such as a headache, backache, stomach ache, etc due to the influence of the energy flow. Sometimes I see a color change in a person's aura during the energy flow. Other times I see quite an amount of other incarnations that the client's soul was in prior to the present body.

4. When did you receive this energy connection? I have this energy connection since the first week of February 1992, I remember specifically when it happened. Why? I don't know. How?  During a supernatural event that unfolded to my surprise between the milky way and me with no other witnesses than the two of us. I had an initiation that lasted about twenty plus minutes during which every single cell in the body that I reside in was transformed. I felt organ after organ, piece after piece disappear and then reappear differently, as a regenerated piece/organ...


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