Pet Massage

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Nikki Mara is a graduate of the PetMassage Training and Research Institute in Toledo Ohio and has been certified in Canine Massage Therapy and Confident Animal Handling since 2016. Nikki also has a background in the Veterinary healthcare field, eventually leading up to being a Cardiology Veterinarian Technician, before pursuing her passion of Pet Massage. Nikki is certified and experienced in Pet First Aid and CPR. 


Nikki is dedicated to continuing to build her knowledge of Canine Massage, Holistic modalities, animal behavior and communication. Her goal as a Canine Massage Therapist is to provide comfort and healing to those in need, prolonging their quality of life and to educate pet parents on helping maintain a healthy lifestyle for their pets. 


As her quest continues, Nikki has started her own business, Holistic Healing Hounds in the SW Florida area. Nikki resides in Naples with her two rescue dogs, Herbie and Oliver. In her free time she enjoys reading, outdoor activities and dining out. 


# 1 reason is to prolong and enhance the quality of life of your pet. Massage therapy increases circulation which benefits the body in various ways, it can alleviate aches & pains, arthritis or hip dysplasia. It can also help heal pets faster who underwent orthopedic or soft tissue surgery. It restores flexibility and increases muscle tone and use. It calms overly excited pets and comforts those who are upset that suffer from separation anxiety. It also helps newly adopted or fostered pets to decompress and adjust to their new living situation. Lastly, by using Range Of Motion, I am also enhancing the 'Chi' or 'Energy' throughout the body and rebalancing circulation that is the mental, physical and spiritual circulation as well of your pet.

      30 minute session $75
      60 minute session $100
      60 minute Deep Tissue Session $175


add on: 30 minute red light therapy !animals love it! for only $50