Become a Certified Access Bars® Practitioner

In this one day class you will receive a book, two head charts, give two sessions, receive two sessions, watch a proprietary video of Access Bars® and become a certified practitioner joining a global tribe of practitioners in over 170 countries on this planet! You will learn techniques to solve today's issues and how to raise your own consciousness.

Pricing: $350 is the standard price for this class anywhere in USA.
Location: Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis, 840 111th Ave N, Suite 8, Naples Florida 34108
Dates: throughout the month, typically Thursdays & Saturdays. If you don't see a preferred date listed, call to let us know when you are available and if we have 2 or more we will hold the class.

Use the below calendar link to sign up or call 239-776-2211.